Previous Guest Musicians in JLBJH:

Jeff Leach

Jeff Leach Jeff is a classically-trained pianist who in spite of his youthful good looks already boasts an impressive CV. In early 1980 he worked with psychedelic cult hero Nick Nicely, then went on to play with the likes of Paul Young, Alexander O'Neil, Shirley Bassey and Van Morrison. He met Martin Lawrence whilst touring with Joe Longthorne, and was invited to play on Barclay James Harvest's River Of Dreams album (for which he wrote the classical intro to "Back In The Game") and the tour which followed.

He continued his association with John on the Nexus and Revival tours with Barclay James Harvest Through The Eyes Of John Lees, and with Woolly in the live Męstoso band. Most recently, he played keyboards in the house band for the smash hit Queen musical, We Will Rock You, played keyboards in the backing band for the likes of Brian May, Peter Gabriel, Bono and Bob Geldof at the huge Nelson Mandela 46664 charity concert, and still found time to guest on Catherine Howe's Princelet Street album, released in January 2006.

Jeff is married to Sadie, and they have two children, Romy and Isla.

Mike Bramwell

Mike Bramwell When Jeff Leach's prior commitments as a member of the house band for the stage musical, We Will Rock You, made him unavailable for the 2006 John Lees' Barclay James Harvest tour, he recommended a friend who had also played in the Queen show. Mike Bramwell had also worked with Mick Clarke, the former Killing Floor blues man, Uli John Roth and, er, Peter Andre!

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